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Thriving Preschool Franchise Invites Entrepreneurs to Invest in Early Education

Thriving Preschool Franchise Invites Entrepreneurs to Invest in Early Education
ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2017 : As entrepreneurs struggle to find desirable investments that also allow them to have an impact on the future of our country, Primrose Schools invites them to explore the benefits of opening a high-quality Primrose preschool in their communities.

As the nation's leading early education franchise company, Primrose currently has more than 350 locations in 29 states and is growing across the country.

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Financial forecasters and economic developers alike point to early education as a stable investment that yields strong returns. A recent report by Child Care Aware shows that the high-quality early education industry generates a return of more than $8 for every $1 spent, meaning the returns of providing early education for children positively impact the economic development of communities and future workforce development. Last year, IBIS World reported that the industry reached a record high of $47.8 billion and is expected to continue to grow at an even faster pace than the overall child services market.

Investing in early education also has long-lasting benefits for local communities. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's recent report, "Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow," quality child care helps businesses attract and retain talent, increases workforce productivity and sets up the next generation for future success.

"There are many reasons to invest in early education, but none compare to helping children build the foundation they need to grow into happy, successful adults," said Jo Kirchner, CEO of Primrose Schools. "We're seeking passionate entrepreneurs and investors to help us fulfill our mission of creating a brighter future for all children and bring high-quality early education and care to more families across the country."

Since Primrose Schools awarded its first franchise in 1987, the company has focused on finding Franchise Owners who are motivated by the desire to help change lives. Through a combination of shared passion and a proven business model, Primrose has thrived. In 2016, the company was ranked the best child care franchise to buy by Entrepreneur, and most Primrose schools open a year or more have an average revenue of more than $2 million.

"I had already built a successful career in franchising when I discovered Primrose, but I wanted to pursue another venture that was more meaningful to me and my family," said Jay Bhakta, Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Gilbert at Santan near Phoenix, Arizona. "The investment has paid off both personally and financially. I love that the early education industry is tech-proof - it's a growing industry and everyone needs child care, so I know my service will always be in demand."

The strategic growth plan for Primrose Schools projects the franchise company will open another 130 locations by 2020. Primrose has currently identified Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area as key markets for immediate expansion due to strong demand for high-quality early education, entrepreneurial interest and available land.

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