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150+ Brands Have Registered Their .BOSTON Domains

BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2017 : According to Hello.boston, the registrations for .BOSTON domains that have been completed belong to special parties related to the .BOSTON launch or trademarks that had early access through a phase called Sunrise.

In this early adopter stage, brands had an opportunity to secure their names ahead of the official rollout scheduled for October 10.

There is a strong pace in the registrations, in a way that could make .BOSTON the most successful of the new domain extensions. Very few other city domains have had the attention and traction that .BOSTON is having. .BOSTON may be one of the best of the new domain extensions. It is exclusive, powerful and hyper localized. There is immense value in .BOSTON domains and numbers are expected to rise as the rollout stages approach closure.

Domains have become a very valuable asset. Website names like investing.com, fund.com, slots.com, diamond.com, etc..., have been bought for under $10 and have been sold for millions. For .BOSTON, domains like technology.boston, education.boston, visit.boston, etc..., will most probably end up high in the sales charts. Thousands of valuable domains like the ones mentioned here are up for grabs and ready to get registered, and people are seeing the .BOSTON opportunity as a chance to jump into the attractive domain market.

Gerardo Aristizabal, CEO of Hello.boston states that, "BOSTON local businesses are seeing this as a great opportunity to establish a meaningful online presence, and are applying for their domains. Whether as an investment, or to establish a meaningful Boston digital presence, the chance is now."

If you apply for a .BOSTON domain right now, you will know if it has been awarded to you on October 10. Applications at Hello.BOSTON (www.hello.BOSTON) are at $17.99 for domains not marked as premium for year one.

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150+ Brands Have Registered Their .BOSTON Domains

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