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Rising Star Award in Addiction Research - Call for Submissions

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 4, 2017 : The Mahoney Institute for Neurosciences (MINS) at the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce an international call for submissions for the inaugural Rising Star Award in neuroscience research.

To highlight the "Year of Addiction Research" on Penn's campus, the award honors a young researcher for outstanding contributions to Addiction Research with a USD 10,000 personal honorarium at the MINS 34th Annual Retreat and Symposium on April 11, 2018.

"Drug addiction is a major, undertreated health problem. I am proud that MINS at Penn is at the forefront of research into the causation and consequences of addictions," said John Dani, PhD, director of MINS and chair of the Department of Neuroscience. "I look forward to honoring and encouraging a young researcher to advance our understanding of the addiction process and to advance future therapies."

In addition, the award recipient will present a research seminar at the symposium and, prior to, a separate introductory lecture on addiction. Also at the symposium, Prof. Wolfram Schultz, University of Cambridge, will give the Sprague Lecture, and Prof. Marina Wolf, Rosalind Franklin University, will give the Adler Lecture.

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Rising Star Award in Addiction Research - Call for Submissions

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