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Pensioner Wins USD 30 Million Florida Lotto Online from Panama

LONDON, August 31, 2017 : "I really was needing the money! Really, really!" It was June and in Central America, Aura was reading up on some online news from her home in Panama City when she then stumbled upon an article about teenage EuroMillions lottery winner Jane Park.

Being of retirement age, but still having to work to provide for her children, Aura found inspiration in Scottish Jane's rags to riches story, so she investigated how she could play lotteries from overseas.

Aura opted to sign up with theLotter, a worldwide lottery ticket messenger service, which employs couriers who physically buy paper tickets for more than 50 different lotteries in the US, Europe and elsewhere for customers around the world.

Aura decided she was going to play every draw of the Florida Lotto for a month with the numbers 3, 10, 20, 29, 35 and 50. As it happens, she didn't have much luck in the first three weeks in the Florida Lotto, but then, at the final hour, the very last ticket of her Florida Lotto package landed her the jackpot.

theLotter's Adrian and Ignacio rang Aura from London a few hours after the draw to inform her of the good news, and, although it was early in the morning in Panama, Aura went through the roof.

theLotter hit headlines around the world when an Iraqi man scooped up the $6.4 million jackpot through the service in December 2015. In the wake of his successful prize collection in Oregon, theLotter established a large operation in that state and dozens of other states from which it safely and securely purchases its clients' US lottery tickets. The paper tickets are bought in the US, a scan is made available online, but the paper tickets stay in the US. When a player wins, he or she is flown in to collect the jackpot in person.

The site has helped people from around the world win $90 million since 2002. During the past year, theLotter has helped create Powerball millionaires in Canada, El Salvador & Australia, and a Moscow taxi driver won nearly $1.5 million in the Austria Lotto!

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Pensioner Wins USD 30 Million Florida Lotto Online from Panama

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