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Ryan Braun to Wear 3N2 Street-Art Cleats at MLB Players Weekend

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 25, 2017 : Former National League MVP and Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun will debut 3N2 street-art inspired cleats during the inaugural Major League Baseball (MLB) Player's Weekend to be held August 25-27.

MLB Players Weekend is the result of negotiations between the league and MLB Players Association and all 30 MLB clubs will be participating. During the weekend, players will be permitted to wear flashy cleats, apparel, and batting gloves that showcase their personalities.

Braun, a former National League Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, has endorsed 3N2 the past three seasons and will debut three variations of the "3N2 Viper" cleat. The cleats showcase the different phases of Ryan's storied baseball career, which began in his home state of California and saw him evolve into a star for the Milwaukee Brewers.

On Friday, Braun will debut spikes that salute the Milwaukee Brewers, paying tribute to the only MLB team he has ever played for. On Saturday, he will call out his collegiate days in South Florida with a pair of orange and green cleats commemorating his career at the University of Miami. To end the weekend, Braun will wear a pair of cleats that honor his family and home state of California where his love for baseball began.

3N2 Street-Art cleats are a collaborative effort between Maryland-based Kreative Custom Kicks and 3N2. "The idea behind the cleats was to create designs for players that brought them back to their roots - that remind them where they came from," said 3N2 Director of Baseball Marketing, Buddy Bengel.

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Ryan Braun to Wear 3N2 Street-Art Cleats at MLB Players Weekend

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