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Indian held with homemade liquor in Saudi Arabia

Posted on Feb 01 2014 | IANS

Dubai, Feb 1 : The police have arrested an Indian national with 144 bottles of homemade liquor on the streets of Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh.

The police patrol apprehended the bootlegger near the Malaz intersection in the city with a huge case of liquor in his car following a tip-off from an unidentified caller, the Arab News reported Saturday.

The police also found that the car, which was used to distribute the liquor bottles, was hired from a car rental company and was not returned on time to the company.

The rental company had already reported the delay in returning the car to the police.

The Indian worker was charged with the manufacturing and selling of liquor and the use of a stolen car.

The police returned the car to the company.

The suspect has confessed to the charges.

During investigations, the police found the place where the liquor was brewed and the dealers responsible for its retail distribution.

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