Kottayam, May 24 UNI | 2 months ago

CPM Polit Bureau member S Ramachandran Pillai today came in support of state party secretary Pinarayi Vijayan in the controversies over latter's 'stinker' remark against RSP leader N K Premachandran MP.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the 51st NGO state conference, he said the intention behind the controversies was to conceal the political deception made by RSP.

He added that such a remark could not be considered as an important issue. He, however, refused to comment more on the controversies.

Regarding party's huge debacle in the 16th Lok Sabha elections, he said the party would resort to necessary corrections and would adopt people-friendly initiatives in the wake of the setback, though it would not lose everything for the party.

He added that party would examine the reasons behind the debacle and the next meetings of the party Polit bureau and Central Committee would analysis.

(Posted on 25-05-2014)