Bangalore, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

Former National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairperson Justice S Rajendra Babu today pointed out that Indian system of Education has failed to exploit students' talent.

Delivering the 49th Convocation of the Bangalore University here, he said "The object of the education system should be to match a student's aptitude with a course with his natural gift so that he realizes his full potential."

Justice Babu stressed the need for restructure academic framework that allows the students to shift from one subject to another during their course time.

He said the country's economy has grown and brought prosperity through globalization but the question was about global competitiveness of graduates of the Indian system.

"Many industrial leaders are of the opinion that the bulk of the graduates in India are just unemployable. I am sure that there is nothing wrong in the ability of Indians, but there is something in the system that does not exploit the talent which Indians have," he added.

Terming the Indian education system as very rigid, Justice Babu said "Most Universities give package courses and student cannot opt for subjects of his own choice or make his own ackage. In foreign Universities, a student can seek to become a Botanist or a Zoologist, but after three years he or she may emerge a Physicist or an Anthropologist. But this is not possible in our system."

(Posted on 21-05-2014)