Guwahati, May 10 UNI | 2 months ago

A group of NRIs in the US, many of them being of Assam origin, met officials at the Embassy of India at 2107 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC on Thursday to submit a memorandum expressing their concern over the recent happenings in the BTAD area of Assam. The group also requested the Embassy to forward the same to President Pranab Mukharjee urging the latter for immediate action for restoring normalcy in the region.

Most of the signatories of the memorandum knew each other through the connection of education (either classmate, seniors, juniors in schools, colleges, and universities) and those who are of Assam origin know each other as most of them are either neighbours or belong to the same area. Among those who met the Embassy officials were Dr Mustafa Barbhuiya (Baltimore), Rishi Agarwal (Sterling), and Sushil Tiwari (Reston).

There were students, research scientists, and professionals of Indian origin now living across the US among the signatories of the memorandum. The signatories apprised the Embassy officials of their concern which they stated was based on the live media reports in print and electronic media and above all, phone calls from their relatives and friends about the panic that had gripped the folks back home, a release said here. Through the Embassy, they urged the President for urgent action to contain the continued violence in Assam.

Among other things, the memorandum recommended dissolution of the BTC with immediate effect; action against persons making provocative speeches and indulging in illegal use of firearms; seizure of all legal and illegal arms from the BTAD area; and urgent and appropriate steps for the immediate relief, rehabilitation of the victims.

(Posted on 11-05-2014)