Diphu, May 10 UNI | 3 months ago

The Coordination Committee for Border Protection (CCBP), Karbi Anglong, has threatened to take serious agitation programmes at the extent of economic blockade for as long as 90 days against Nagaland.

Bidya Sing Teron, convenor of CCBP, through a press release yesterday, has warned that it Nagaland authority fails to take necessary measures to prevent its people from carrying out illegal activities like land encroachment in border areas adjoining Khasiram, Shankartila, Rongpahar border outpost controlled by Assam police, it will be compelled to take serious agitation programmes like economic blockade.

The committee regretted the incontinence of the state of Manipur as the blockade will paralyses National Highway 36 and 39 alongwith the rail link to Dimapur city of Nagaland.

Elaborating the events of past months when the alleged systematic encroachment of Daldali reserve forest began, the committee said the encroachers have established settlement inside Karbi Anglong by clearing wooded areas.

The encroachers also allegedly constructed semi-thatched houses in the occupied forest areas and erected a signboard mentioning 'Government of Nagaland, Site for Horticulture' previously.

The CCBP comprises of Karbi Students Association (KSA), Assom Jatiabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad (AJYCP), Karbi Anglong, Karbi Students and Youth Council (KSYC), Karbi Human Right Watch (KHRW), Karbi Riso Adarbar (KRA), All Assam Gorkha Students Union and number of other civil bodies.

(Posted on 11-05-2014)