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Watching porn can leave women sick: Study

Posted on Apr 21 2014 | IANS

London, April 21 : Do not try to force your lady to watch porn movies or explicit images as viewing porn out of context can make her feel sick, a Dutch study has revealed.

A woman's body immediately goes on the defensive when seeing porn out of context.
It can immediately induce nausea, the study added.

"It is just like when you see disgusting food. The emotion that is triggered by for example the smell, ensures that you do not want to eat it," said Charmaine Borg from Groningen University in the Netherlands.

To reach this conclusion, researchers used an MRI scanner to measure neurological responses in 20 healthy women to a variety of images.

These included nausea-inducing as well as images of explicit sexual penetration. No faces were shown.

"The results showed a strong overlap in the areas of the brain that became active while viewing the nausea-inducing images and those depicting pornographic scenes," the researchers were quoted as saying.

The response could be explained by women's higher susceptibility to sexual infection in comparison to men, the study, reported by British newspaper Independent, noted.

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