Hyderabad, Apr 13 UNI | 4 months ago

Executive Director, Apollo Hospitals Ms Sangita Reddy participated in a unique campaign - 'Inti Intiki Thornam' to promote the candidature of her husband and Chevella Lok Sabha Telangana Rastra Samithi candidate Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, today.

As part of the campaign, Ms Reddy went door to door, met people and spoke to them. Over 200 workers from various parties also joined TRS in her presence on the occasion.

Speaking to the gathering, she said, 'Inti Intiki Thoranam' received 'fabulous response' and people feel good about someone coming to their door step and wishing them well.

She said Telangana struggle was more about development of the region, Therefore, this is just the beginning. TRS will bring progress and Hyderabad and Telangana will be the best, she added.

The condition of roads, drainage, drinking water and other civic facilities are appalling, mosquito breeding is rampant and the demands of the people are these basic infrastructure and facilities. Today the youth are better educated but there are no jobs which match their qualification and are left unemployed, this is depressing for the youth and their families.

She pointed out that there is a scheme called Urban Renewal Mission, disbursing funds to better civic infrastructure, the school enhancement scheme which can provide drinking water, bathrooms in school, but initiative to utilise such funds is not forthcoming. Vishweshwar will make use of such funds to better the livelihood of people.

(Posted on 13-04-2014)