Barmer/Banswara, Apr 12 UNI | 3 months ago

BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has wooed voters trading with them dreams of transformation of Thar desert in the state into well irrigated lands and the biggest hub of gas and petro products.

While promising people of good governance and fast progress in the country under BJP rule, he also attacked rival Congress for the latter's alleged vote bank oriented politics and apathy to issues of tribal and poor. Addressing election meetings in the Barmer and Banswara (ST) parliamentary constituencies this afternoon, Mr Modi talked of special development package to desert areas on the lines of North Eastern regions, linking of rivers, fast promotion of petro sector in the region and also committed for citizenship rights to Hindu migrants from Pakistan living in Barmer and Jaisalmer and other areas.

He reiterated commitment for bringing back black money from foreign banks. Modi targeted rival Congress for the latter's vote bank oriented politics and termed it to be detrimental to country's larger interest. In Barmer constituency-where BJP is facing rebellion from its expelled party veteran and former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh-Modi avoided criticism of the former Union Minister for his bid to contest election against the party.

In the tribal dominated Banswara constituency he addressed meeting in Saladiya near famous Beneshwar Dham and branded the Congress as anti tribal and anti poor. The Gujarat Chief Minister said that during its 10 years regime the Congress did not bother about the miseries and issues of tribal people and areas. The present government is also insensitive to the problems of poor and downtrodden, he said.

Foreseeing bitter defeat of the Congress at the hustings Mr Modi said the rival party had already conceded defeat.

He said in the impending elections BJP took up two core issues - good governance and the development.

''We understand the needs and miseries of people living in desert areas in this state and adjoining Gujarat, keeping this in mind BJP in its manifesto committed for implementing development programmes for desert areas in the manner those were being implemented in NE regions for some years,'' he said.

He assured the people that if his party comes to power, the government would link the rivers of the region to ensure availability of water everywhere in the region.

''We have done that in Kutch region in Gujarat and also brought water from Narbada up to Sanchore in this district too,'' he emphasised

Likewise, in petro chemical sector too, extra efforts would be made to ensure speedy transformation of this region into a biggest gas and petroleum product hub in the country.

To avail this opportunity, he invited local youth to come to Gujarat and enroll in Gujarat Petroleum University to get duly qualified to avail job avenues in that emerging sector.

About Congress, Modi said, ''They have already smelt the outcome of the election, they are running away and conceded defeat.''

''I have visited all states, the Congress is in a very bad shape. In many states like Rajasthan they would not even open their account and are unlikely to touch two digit mark in any of the states,'' the BJP leader claimed. He also slammed the Congress leaders for avoiding initiative for retrieving black money from tax haven foreign banks and said that only looters and cheaters were unwilling to bring back this public money.

(Posted on 12-04-2014)