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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday termed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) doesn't believe in carrying everyone along while the Congress stands for unity and carrying everyone together in the path of development.

"In this election there is a fight between two ideologies, on one side there is the Congress-National Conference which believes in unity of the nation and carry all the sections of people along with the nation's progress. On the other hand there is an ideology led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which believes in attacking the people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in Maharashtra. This is not all, the Gujarat government has even asked the Sikh farmers to leave the state, they also attack women in Karnataka and then they talk about development. They believe in making the communities fight between each other," Rahul Gandhi said at a rally in Doda.

"Unless there is peace there can be no development and you know this very well. In 2004 they launched India Shinning campaign, but they never asked your opinion. It took us six months to prepare our manifesto we asked the students, adivasis. You have said that we have got MGNREGA, Food Security Bill, this time we want Right to Health and hence you have told us that we must give you that right and we have taken that up in our manifesto. Wherever you see we have Congress governments like in Kerala and Maharashtra we are giving free medicines, which was started by the Rajasthan government when Congress was in power. We also want to provide right to shelter for everyone so that poor don't feel deprived," he added.

Rahul stated that Congress always believes in giving you rights cutting accross all states, sections and religions, this is our guarantee, this is the kind of politics we believe in.

"They have also made their manifesto. We have taken six months to prepare it. They just took our manifesto and replaced that with their symbol. We are preparing dedicated freight corridors connecting different parts of the country to give a big push in manufacturing which we have been already working for the last five years, and it is the opposition which also mentions the same which we have done it already," Gandhi remarked.

The Gandhi scion attacked BJP for only championing the cause of Modi, "the BJP thinks that only Narendra Modi has knowledge of everything and no other people has any knowledge. He is so arrogant that he doesn't think of coming between you while we think it differently."

The Congress vice-president retorted against the BJP, on the latter's posters which say that they want to safeguard women if they come to power, "in Karnataka our chief minister has told me that the BJP misbehaves with women and see such films in the assembly which we all know. In Chhattisgarh I am told that there are twenty thousand unaccounted women who are now untraceable. In Gujarat, where Modi is the chief minister who has already fought elections, but this is the first time he has written the name of his wife. In Delhi he talks about women's safety and it takes him so much time to write his wife's name. It is he who orders taping the phone of a woman; and then stalks her. What kind of respect is shows to women. He attacked the opposition for using posters about women's rights but it is the Congress which is going to create an all- women police stations, it is the Congress which talks about women's reservation."

Rahul also attacked the BJP stating that the BJP gives thousands of acres of land free of cost to industrialists while the poor suffers. He brought the issue of sidelining senior leaders of the BJP like Jaswant Singh, Lal Krishna Advani Rahul reacted sharply on giving focus on Adani and gave his logic behind the saffron party over highlighting him as he is a big businessman in Gujarat.

Rahul also stated how Jammu and Kashmir was set to generate a lakh jobs in the coming days and expressed happy that how the panchayats were functioning with the incorporation of the 73rd and 74th Amendment and that how the youth and the women have got a lot of help with the panchayati raj.

"I have connected 10 lakh people with the banks. In Uttar Pradesh too 10 lakh women has been connected and they are earning themselves with help of small businesses like raring buffaloes and cows. We want to empower you, while the opposition wants to create animosity between the Hindus and Muslims. Their only aim is that the poor people fight amongst each other and the leaders rake the moolah. We only believe in running a country for the poor," Rahul said.

"I don't believe in winning or losing, it is your belief in me, you love that is all what I have. I will not completely understand your pain as I do not live with you, but I will make all efforts to understand your pain and I will be always stand behind you," Rahul added.

(Posted on 11-04-2014)

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