Sirsi, Karnataka, Apr 7 UNI | 4 months ago

AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today said Congress deserved full credit for taking Karnataka on path of development and making it one of the top economic powers in the country.

Speaking at an election meeting here, he said Congress was successful in providing social justice to the downtrodden in Karnataka, taking the state on the path of fast paced development and made it the leader in the IT sector in the entire World.

'Let's salute Late Chief Minister D Devaraj Urs, who ushered a social revolution in this state when its society remained broken and people among backward castes, scheduled caste and tribes were the worst sufferers.

This Congress leader brought revolutionary changes in the administration to empower those who were denied their share.

"Can the BJP match this? It will never be able to champion the cause of weaker sections and the poor among the people," Mr Gandhi said.

He said Congress deserves full credit for making Karnataka the IT capital of the country and helped the state get World's attention.

On the other hand, the BJP, which ruled the state for five years, took it backward due to its rampant corrupt ways that led to even a Chief Minister go to jail on graft charges, he said without referring to the name of Mr B S Yeddyurappa.

'But what is happening today? Mr Modi, who is claiming himself to be the champion against corruption hob-nobs with this Former Chief Minister and asks him to sit beside him when he speaks during election rallies,' he charged.

Mr Gandhi questioned BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate

Narendra Modi's claims to be a crusader against corruption when he moves around with such leaders (Yeddyurappa) and 'approves' of their administration.

He also charged the BJP with working gainst the interests of women saying how can a party, whose MLAs face rape charges even today and some others forgot their duties but watched 'X rated film' on the floor of the Assembly, which was akin to 'temple'.

The BJP leaders corrupted such revered places, he alleged.

"How can such leaders safeguard the interests of women?" he asked.

He was referring to a legislator from Shimoga who still faces rape charges while two other BJP legislators were caught red-handed by electronic media videographers watching X rated film on their mobile phones when the Assembly Session was on during the BJP rule.

(Posted on 07-04-2014)