Chandigarh, Apr 6 UNI | 4 months ago

Communist Party of India (CPI), one of the six national parties, endorsed the candidature of Gul Panag, an AAP candidate for Chandigarh, and decided to support her for the Chandigarh constituency.

Ms Panag was welcomed at the CPI Chandigarh office in Sector 21 by party cadres, with garlands and a meeting was held.

The meeting was also addressed by senior CPI leaders, Devi Dyal Sharma, Ravinder Nath Sharma who spoke on howt the AAP phenomenon has changed the political landscape of the country and there has emerged a credible pro-people alternative as compared to the Congress-BJP's vicious friendly match.

Balkar Sidhu from Indian People's Theatre Association (IPTA) also praised Ms Panag's contributions to the society.

Rajeev Godara, Central Observor for AAP Chadigarh and Chief Spokesperson for Aam Aadmi Party, Haryana have also addressed the gathering.

Mr Sidhu said that there are many common issues that AAP and CPI are raising and it is a welcome move that AAP and CPI have joined hands in Chandigarh and this is the first brick in the foundation of a non-Congress, non-BJP, non-corrupt, non-communal alternative.

Thereafter, AAP candidate for Chandigarh, Gulkirat Kaur Panag well known as Gul Panag thanked the gathering for their support and told them how their fight was to change politics and the system and not merely gain power and they were united in their fight against communalism, corruption and crony capitalism and the fight was to ensure equal and fair opportunities for all.

(Posted on 07-04-2014)