Varanasi,Apr 6 UNI | 4 months ago

Popularity of BJP's PM pick Narendra Modi and his decision to contest from the temple city of Kashi which to go on polls on May 12 has evoked interest not only among Indian's but also within the foreigners visiting this city.

The foreigners visiting the city in this season during the electioneering are showing their interest in the democratic system of the country.

The tourists mainly from Korea,Thailand, Sri Lanka, Spain, Japan, Germany, Israel,France, Britain, Canada and China, who roam in the narrow lanes of Varanasi and on the Ganga ghats also query from the local people about the elections and the popularity of Modi.

A tourist from Israel Shanikuzi( 26)say that it is rare to see anywhere else in the world except India about the enthusiasm of the people in the elections.

"In our country youth doesn't take such interest in the politics but in India it is the reverse," she said.

However, she, expressed that she was unaware about Mr Modi or any other candidate from Varanasi.

But another tourist from Norway--33 year old Annet Burke Klind said that she has heard about Modi and was confidant that if he becomes the PM then the problems of the foreign tourists like their security and currency exchange would be solved.

Another tourist of Japan Fukki,studying Sanskrit here and has now re-christianed as Dharamdas, said some of the community do not want Modi to become the PM but he doesn't think who is right and who is wrong. But India witnessed several communal riots but the Gujarat riots were publicized more,he said.

US citizen Frank, who is staying here for the past couple of years, supports Modi and says that his development agenda is supported by majority of the people.

Frank who also taken the responsibility of studies of five children of a rickshaw puller in the city, said that one section of the society feels annoyance with Modi, which should not be in a health democracy.

In Varanasi, around one lakh foreign tourists visit every year and after Agra, it is the second destination for the foreigners.

(Posted on 06-04-2014)