Chandigarh, Apr 5 UNI | 4 months ago

The BJP was indulging in a false propaganda and unlike their claim, Indian economy was robust and the country had made progress during the recent past, union minister Anand Sharma said here today.

While addressing a news conference, Mr Sharma said the economy was not only strong but was also in right hands. During the past ten years, the trade had increased five times. The Foreign Direct Investment had also increased 15 times from less than 20 billion dollar to over 300 billion dollar. During the period, per capita income had increased from Rs 24,000 to Rs 69000.

Mr Sharma said during this period, the foreign currency reserves had also increased. In 2004, it was 100 billion dollar, which has now gone upto 300 billion dollar. This is despite the steep hike in import bill, he added.

In 2004, in international market, petrol and diesel was priced at about 23 US$ per barrel, which is now available at not less than 104 US$ per barrel and even went up to 120 US$ per barrel, Sharma said.

Sharma said during the congress-led UPA government, investors faith in India had increased. The major reasons for this were that government was transparent, responsible and took initiatives for legal and regulatory framework.

Sharma said government should be given credit for industrialisation. National Development Policy had been approved for growth of industrial sector. The policy was aimed at enhancing the share of industry in GDP to over 25 per cent from existing 16 per cent.

Anand sharma also said under the National Industrial Policy, 16 major cities had been notified to be developed as integral industrial cities. Eight of these are on Delhi Mumbai Corridor.

The opposition has yet not been able to draft their manifesto. The claims being made by them are part of the policies, which had been approved and either had been implemented or were under implementation. The BJP had no vision. Whereas, the UPA had increased the number of IIM and IIT. The number of NIFD had increased from one to five. Other institutions were also coming up including several in Haryana and Punjab, he said.

Referring to the Gujrat model, Anand Sharma attacked Modi for making false announcements. The state had highest number of drop outs from schools, low per capita income, poor sanitation facilities and it was third highest debt ridden state after West Bengal and UP. When Modi had taken over as chief minister of Gujrat, its debt was 45,000 crores, which had now gone up to 1.38 lakh crores, he said.

Anand Sharma said it was a party, which had projected one man above party, society and country. Sharma said his slogan 'Har Har Mahadev' was against the spirit of the religion. He had already sidelined the BJP's top leader like L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Kalraj Mishr and Jaswant Singh. Sharma claimed that Modi was arrogant, did not want to answer the questions raised. Bringing Modi on the forefront portrayed the bankruptcy of BJP, Anand Sharma said.

Answering a question on price hike, Anand Sharma said several issues pertaining to import were not in their hands.

The MSP for crops to the farmers had increased. Fruit and vegetable prices were not in their hands and once hit due to natural calamities, the shortage and price hike was imminent. However, now the prices had been controlled and even the rupee had grown stronger against dollar.

The average growth rate in the country was 7.5 per cent, which was 5.6 per cent during the period NDA was in power. With this growth rate, India was second fastest growing country.

Talking about the publicity, Anand Sharma said BJP was spending 50 times more on media publicity than what congress was spending. The huge and misleading advertisements were only attempting to make a false propaganda against UPA.

(Posted on 05-04-2014)