Thane, Apr 3 UNI | 4 months ago

The city recently witnessed a first-of-its-kind knee replacement implant introduced by Dr Subodh Mehta, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Advanced Orthopaedic and Joint replacement centre, Thane.

Addressing a news conference here today Dr Mehta said, 'this latest tailor made technology called 'Visionaire' is a patient matched instrumentation in knee implants. Knee replacements are becoming most common joint replacement surgery in India, with around 1,00,000 joints performed each year and custom-made knee gets you back on your feet faster than any other implant.'

He said, 'using patient's MRI and X-Ray, the new technology enables creation of customized cutting blocks that will eliminate up to 22 surgical steps from surgeon's surgical procedure. With multiple implant options; patient-matched cutting blocks utilize the mechanical axis for alignment, potentially leading to greater implant longevity. This gives the patient the potential to regain an active lifestyle.' Highlighting the technology he said it eliminates upto 22 sizing and alignment steps from surgicial procedure and use 2 instrument trays instead of six and multiple implant options are also possible. It is made from Medical grade Nylon-12, and is a operation with no rod leading to less blood loss and less tissue injury, operation takes around 30 minutes only saving at least 60 pc of operation time, and gets patient back on feet faster than any other implant, he said.

He said, 'people invest their time and money in temporary arthritis treatments, including medications (both over-the-counter and prescription), herbal supplements, magnets, relaxation therapy, and water therapy, but when your lifestyle starts changing because of your hip or your knee, and there are things you enjoy doing that you can no longer do, that's the time to start thinking about the surgery.'

Physicians generally advise patients to wait as long as they can before pursuing knee replacements, with the thinking that it is an once-in-a-lifetime surgery that should last an average of 15 to 20 years. However, delaying surgery can limit the quality of life of patients because how they function before surgery indicates their performance afterward,' said Dr Mehta.

'I suffered with severe pain in my knee joints for a long time and wasn't able to walk and lead a normal life like others. But Visionaire has given me a new life and oxinium implants enabled me to walk again and lead an active life for rest of my life. I feel much younger and motivated now,' said a beaming Vrushali who got operated on both her knees with Patient Matched Technology and is extremely happy with the Dr Mehta's treatment and the technology used. The actual implant used is similarly a next generation material known as Oxinium, which last more than 30 years, and is the only one approved by US FDA. He further said, 'usually in knee replacement the surgeon cuts a shape into the ends of the bones to make sure the implant fits. To do this a cutting block is placed on the end of each bone, this acts like a template and is basically a metal brick with holes in it that guides surgeon where to cut. To hold the block steady a long rod is put deep into the bone, then it is attached to the cutting block on the end.'

Dr Mehta says, 'the problem is that using the metal rod means potentially damaging bone marrow, the soft substance inside the bone which makes blood, and this lengthens the recovery time for the patient. However, there is now a new procedure in Patient Match Technology, in which the cutting block is tailor-made to the patient's anatomy. It sits over the bone, like a big plastic claw, and has the holes made in exactly the right places for the shape and size of the patient's bones, so there's no need to fix it to a rod. The operation is less invasive and quicker, with less blood loss, meaning a lower risk of complications.'

The operation takes around 30 minutes under spinal anesthetic, usually with sedation. Patients don't need as much physiotherapy and so they recover within six weeks, compared to the standard knee replacement, which can take more than three months. This technology is a safer and a quicker treatment option for knee replacement surgery.

(Posted on 03-04-2014)