Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

Five girl students of a private school in the city have bagged third prize in the 'NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest - 2014.'

S B Vishaka Nandini, M Shenbagam, K Kamali, P Dhivya Priya and S G Yogalakshmi, all class XI students of Sri Sarada Vidyalayam Girls Matriculation Higher Secondary School, have won the third prize for 'Cronus - The Utopia,' a work of fiction under the Literary Merit category in the global contest, the school said in a statement today.

Set in 2250 AD, the story narrates how rapid depletion of natural resources on earth forces human beings to settle in Cronus, a fictional space orbit of Saturn.

The students explained in their work of fiction how inhabitants of Cronus are very efficient in recycling wastes, make best use of solar and wind power, use of bio-fertilizers in their aeroponic farms etc, in contrast to the present day Earth, where waste is not managed properly and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture.

The resources available in Cronus are all similar to the Earth, but those living there are well efficient in conservation of nature and are unaware of corruption and other vices prevailing here.

The school participated in the contest for the first time and it was only school from Tamil Nadu to have won the global prize. The competitions were conducted under different categories such as Artistic Merit, Literary Merit and Projects on Space settlement, the statement added.

NASA Ames Research Centre, in conjunction with the National
Space Society (NSS), sponsors this global annual space settlement
contest for Class 6-12 students. Engineers and scientists of the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) select the winners. The winners have been invited to participate in the International Space Development Conference to be held in Los Angeles in May 14-18.

(Posted on 01-04-2014)