Bhubaneswar, Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

Social activist Anna Hazare today asked the farmers to prepare to go to jail for another freedom struggle to bring in change in the system and announced that soon a national level organisation will be established to spearhead the movement across the country.

The movement will be for the change in the system and not the change of political party, the Gandhian said, adding that no political party was free from corruption.

While one has done graduation in corruption another has done a doctorate and unless there is a change in the system 'we cannot have a corruption-free India', he remarked.

Hazare said the time has come for them to send true representatives of farmers and not political parties to Parliament and called upon the farmers to ensure that more than one hundred of them will be in Parliament by 2024 if not by 2019.

'We have a long struggle of 90 years from 1857 to 1947 to achieve freedom in which lakhs of people have sacrificed their lives but we did not achieve true democracy,' the social activist said, while addressing the farmers at a Jai Kishan Samavesh organised by the Nava Nirman Sanghthan here.

He asked the farmers to prepare to go to jail for another movement to bring in people's democracy in the country and prevent the anti-socials, corrupt and 'looteras' of the political parties to enter Parliament.

Hazare said since 1952 all the elections were fought in the country against the Constitution as no where the

Constitution allow the political parties to contest the elections.

The Gandhian said he had drawn the attention of the Election Commission to this but expressed his helplessness in this regard.

He came down heavily on the political parties for showing no concern to farmers plight in their political manifestos. It was most shocking that no political party is talking of the welfare of the farmers.

The youth force which should have been used for development is being used by political parties to fight against each other and divide the nation.

Hazare said when the country got Independence, Father of the Nation Mahamta Gandhi said the true development will come from the village with proper planning on land, forest and water.

But the political parties chose a wrong path and concentrate on the cities not the village as the focus of development in the name of industrialisation and sold the water, land and forest to the corporate houses destroying the economy.

The farmers, he said, should now be united and launch another freedom struggle movement in a non-violence way for a better India where the people democracy will prevail over the party democracy.

(Posted on 01-04-2014)