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Chaos at Modi's Gaya rally

Posted on Mar 27 2014 | IBNS

Gaya, Mar 27 : Chaos broke out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally in Gaya in Bihar on Thursday minutes before he arrived.

The police failed to manage a large crowd that tried to push through barricades and even broke some of them, reports said.

Shoes, bottles and stones were hurled at the police, who then used batons to control the crowd.

The commotion continued till Modi started his address.

At the rally, Modi spoke of how the central government had destroyed the sanctity of the manifesto unveiled by the Congress party and had been misleading the people with false promises over the years.

He stated how the Congress had miserably failed in fulfilling its promises, made way back in 2004, and asked the people to stop their patronage for them.

"Those who talk about 21st century were unable to give electricity to the people of Bihar. Congress promised to reduce prices in 2009. Did that happen? No, it only increased. In the last decade was there any change in your lives? Did women safety improve? What is the value of the Government that cannot give you anything," Modi said.

Modi asked the Central government to give a record of the work they had done in the past decade, instead of misleading the people with false promises, which include bringing a revolutionary change in the manufacturing segment and creation of jobs through skill development.

"When they say they will introduce anti-corruption do you believe them? They have changed the ABC of corruption by getting involved in various scams like the Adarsh, Bofors and Coal scams. The Congress says they will bring back black money but do you believe them? Did you bring a Rupee back in 10 years?"

"The concept of fast track courts was started by Vajpayee ji. In 2011 they stopped giving money for them and now they talk fast track courts. They said they will start rural courts, but sadly in 5 years very few were built. See their track record. It has taken the nation backwards. They keep talking about Rights. The Nation is tired of your acts, the nation needs action," said Modi.

Attacking the two-faced strategy of the Congress, Modi said that while on one hand the party spoke of secularism and social equality, on the other, it had rejected the candidature of its Vadodara candidate simply because he belonged to the Dalit community.

"They withdrew ticket from Vadodara not because Modi was contesting but because he is a Dalit. The question is not about who the candidate is, it is about the injustice against Dalits," the Gujarata CM said.

Citing the terrorist attacks in Gaya, he said, "This land of Buddha has blood. Sadly the Government here was not bothered about what happened in Gaya. Their sole worry is not to disturb their votebank politics."

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