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Kashmiri students: Omar speaks to Akhilesh

Posted on Mar 06 2014 | IBNS

Srinagar, Mar 6 : Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday spoke to his Uttar Pradesh counterpart Akhilesh Yadav on sedition charges being slapped on some Kashmiri students for cheering Pakistan's victory in a cricket match.

"Have just spoken to CM UP who has assured me he will personally look in to the matter of the Kashmiri students in Meerut," tweeted Abdhullah on Thursday.

Earlier, Abdullah said the charge of sedition on the students should be removed.

"I believe the University did what it had to to control the situation but this action by the UP Govt is uncalled for and should be reversed. I will talk to UP CM ASAP and intervene on behalf of these misguided students to have this charge of sedition removed," Abdullah had posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

He further said sedition charge against the Kashmiri students is an "unacceptably harsh punishment that will ruin their futures and will further alienate them".

"I believe what the students did was wrong and misguided but they certainly didn't deserve to have charges of sedition slapped against them. Finally while what the boys may have done in Meerut is misguided it certainly isn't illegal, regardless of who them were cheering," he posted.

"The sad fact is that some of these students are recipients of the PM scholarship for Kashmiris. Perhaps They need to introspect," the J and K CM said.

After authorities of a Meerut university and Uttar Pradesh Police forced some Kashmiri students to leave the campus, the UP government has defended the varsity move and sedition charges have been slapped on them for cheering Pakistan's victory in a cricket match.

The case of sedition has been registered under Section 124 (a) of the Indian Penal Code against unknown students of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU), a New Delhi based newspaper has reported.

The students were watching a nail biting Indo-Pak cricket match last Sunday.

Following Pakistan's victory, non-Kashmiri students had attacked and abused their Kashmiri counterparts.

The Kashmiri students were only next day to vacate the hostels and leave for homes, said reports. On Wednesday afternoon, they reached home.

Meanwhile, parents of the said students released a statement to media and refuted the reports earlier published in Kashmir dailies and other national dailies.

They said that it was totally baseless that the college authorities have expelled them and that too, to maintain peace.

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