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Lea Michele was a fearless child

Posted on Feb 17 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Feb 17 : Actress Lea Michele says she had "no fear" when she was a child and never worried about anything.

The 27-year-old called herself a "ballsy little kid" and says she proved it to her mother when she auditioned for a part in "Les Miserables" at the age of eight, reports

"When I was eight and I auditioned for 'Les Miserables' (was when I realised I could sing). My friend was auditioning and I wanted to too. Mum was like, 'You can't sing', but I'd never tried," Michele said.

"After the audition I said, 'I think they really like me'. She said if we ever hear from them again, it will be a miracle. I was a ballsy little kid. I felt no fear at all," she added.

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