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Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav on Thursday charged disgruntled party MLA Vinod Binny with committing acts of indiscipline, and said the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the party would be sending Binny a show cause notice and ask him to explain his recent comments.

"We are very surprised and sad after hearing what Vinod Binny has said," said Yadav while referring to the latter's press conference here this morning.

"There were many party forums where Binny could have put his issues forward. Why did he not do so? But, he went to the media," said Yadav.

Yadav further claimed that Binny was speaking in the language associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and particularly ithe language associated with BJP Delhi chief Harshvardhan.

"It seemed as if Binny was reading out someone else's speech. It had the same issues which Dr.Harshvardhan has raised," claimed Yadav.

"If Binny really felt a lot of things were wrong, then he should have said all this earlier. Why has he not raised all of his complaints in the party's various forums," said Yadav.

"Maybe Binny is upset and angry on not becoming a minister, and then being denied a Lok Sabha ticket. All we can say at this point of time is that his accusations are unfounded and untrue," said Yadav.

"This is a gross case of indiscipline. The Political affairs committee of AAP will view it as such, and send Binny a showcause notice," said Yadav.

"The PAC will take a final decision on the matter," he added.

Yadav's rebuttal came hours after a disgruntled Binny on Thursday described Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal as an autocrat, and all those luminaries from various sections of society joining the party as opportunists.

Addressing a news conference here a day after he was refused a ticket to contest this year's general elections by the AAP leadership, Binny also called former IBN7 managing editor Ashutosh an opportunist.

"Who is an opportunist? Ashutosh is an opportunist," said Binny.

He said Kejriwal's way of working was autocratic and he didn't agree with it.

But, he failed to furnish evidence about the Congress having reached an agreement with the AAP before the December 4 polls.

Asked if he had proof of the same, Binny said: "I heard this from sources. If I had proof, I would have furnished it already."

He also said that he had no plans to leave AAP, but would keep protesting every time the party strayed from its objectives.

"If the party wants me to quit, I will still support them in the House (Delhi Assembly) on the issues I feel are right. I will oppose them on the issues I don't agree with," Binny said.

He also accused the AAP of not having any intention to promote good governance.

"They want to scrape through two months, and then channel their energies into the Lok Sabha poll and plunge into the usual dynamics of power," he claimed.

He also demanded to know wht the AAP was no longer protesting on key issues, and why stances change once power is acquired.

"Where are all the protest rallies now? This party (AAP) should be ashamed. They talk a lot about women's safety, and this is what happens after they come to power. They don't even comment on the issue," he said.

He also sought to know as to why the Janlokpal Bill had not been passed as yet.

He asked: "Kejriwal had said the Janlokpal Bill will be passed on 26 January. Where is the preparation for that?"

"They approved the water and electricity policies immediately to appease certain people. But now they are not doing anything," he alleged.

Referring specifically to his alleged demand for a Lok Sabha ticket, he said: "There are several forms of corruption. Taking someone's rights and giving it to someone else, is also a form of corruption," he said.

"Shazia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas and Gopal Rai are already campaigning in the constituencies they are supposed to fight the Lok Sabha polls from. Where then is the party making a show of taking public opinion before choosing its candidates?" he asked.

He claimed that the AAP leadership has already taken a decision that Kumar Vishwas will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Rahul Gandhi's parliamentary constituency of Amethi.

"That is the reason he was made to lead the AAP's Amethi rally last Sunday," Binny said.

He alleged that AAP was a party that could only rustle up drama and could take no solid action.

"AAP has used me. What did that party have when I joined it? it had nothing. What would they have given him? I gave them my name, my ideas which they used to win the polls in Delhi," Binny claimed.

"It hurts me when AAP says that I want to become a cabinet minister. What will I want from them? I have had a political career for ten years unlike them. What would I want from them?" he added.

He also criticised the Delhi Government's move to reduce power tariff.

"Electricity bills have been slashed for selected people," Binny said.

"From what he had said, it was clear that if there was a bill of Rs 1 lakh it will be slashed to Rs 50,000. However, now they have made some changes to benefit a select few," he said.

Binny also questioned the 700 litres free water provision.

"Delhi residents were tricked by word play. The manifesto mentioned that 700 litres of water will be given for free. But a clause was added that if someone uses more than 700 litres of water, that person will have to pay for the entire quantity of water. How does that make sense? AAP tricked people," said Binny.

"The government is not fulfilling the promises we made to the people," Binny told ANI.

"I feel party is drifting away from the issues on the basis of which the party came to power, he added.

(Posted on 16-01-2014)

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