February 20, 2010: After she broke up with longtime boyfriend Kanav Puri, Ameesha Patel is nursing her aching heart. But seeing the way things are picking up for her now, looks like the breakup wasn't all that bad after all.
Luckily for her, she doesn't have to deal with her broken heart alone. Her mother and the rest of her family are by her side to help her deal with this. But that's not the only good thing in Ameesha's life right now. If sources are to be believed, a few big filmmakers approached Ameesha last week with some good roles. She has even postponed her pending vacation for later, now that she has some good projects on her hand.

Ameesha had apparently split with Kanav because she wasn't ready to be married and wanted to give her career another shot. Doesn't it look like she has her chance now? Maybe her split was for a good reason after all...

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