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inger-songwriter Kelly Clarkson, who filed for divorce from businessman Blackstock, 46, in June 2020 after nearly seven years of marriage, and enjoys singlehood.

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The Grammy-winning singer has now revealed she doesn't have a boyfriend and probably won't for a while, reports 'Female First UK'.

She told fans during an Instagram Live "Do I have a boyfriend? No! And not looking. You know why? I love being single. I have two kids, two dogs, three rabbits, a hamster, multiple jobs – there's a lot going on. And, you know, you think you're going to spend the rest of your life with somebody, and you don't. That's hard to start over."

As per 'Female First UK', not long after splitting from Brandon, mum-of-two Kelly moved to New York City with their daughter River Rose, nine, and son Remington 'Remy' Alexander, seven, to host her self-titled talk show. She joked in December 2021 she would be "single forever" after going through such a tumultuous divorce.

And during an episode of 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', the singer admitted she struggles to spot "red flags" in her partners, which she said led to her taking a break from dating.

She added, "I'm always that person that's like, 'Oh, I don't know. Maybe they were having an off day'."

Kelly has said her move to New York has helped get her back on her feet.

She said in a separate Instagram Live "I love living here, and I'm a Texas girl, so I did not think I was gonna love it so much. But you will see this face all the time at the park. I love walking around (the kids) love getting on the subway. My son doesn't allow us to stand near him, so he looks like he's by himself."

Kelly Clarkson loves being single

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