Recipes India - Mango Drink Recipe

by Mrs Annamma Philippose (Feedback)

Mango Drink Recipe


• 8 Green Mangoes

• 4 Cups Water

• 1 Tsp Dry-Roasted And Grounded Cumin Seeds

• ½ Tsp Red Chili Powder

• 1 Tsp Salt

• 4 Tblsp Sugar

• 3 Tblsp Chopped Mint Leaves

• 12 Crushed Ice-Cubes


• Cook the mangoes in adequate water.

• Drain the water and peel the outer skin.

• Stone and pulp the mango.

• To the pulp, add water, sugar, salt, chili, mint and cumin.

• Whisk thoroughly.

• Serve chilled with crushed ice.

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