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    Ukraine death toll tops 6,000: UN
    United Nations, March 3 : The number of people killed in eastern Ukraine since last April has now topped 6,000, despite successive ceasefires, a UN spokesperson said on Monday, citing the latest report from the UN Office for High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

    Ukrainian president okays peacekeepers' for eastern region
    Kiev, March 2 : Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday approved a decision of the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) to call for international peacekeepers to monitor the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, the presidential press service said.

    Eastern Ukraine toll exceeds 6,000: UN
    Geneva, March 2 : More than 6,000 people have been killed in the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine, the UN said on Monday, noting that the recent clashes near Donetsk airport and the city of Debaltseve have resulted in the deaths of hundreds.

    Gas dispute with Russia not to affect Europe: Ukraine
    Kiev, Feb 28 : Ukraine's state-run energy company Naftogaz said here on Friday that a fresh flare-up in the gas dispute between Kiev and Moscow will not harm gas supplies to Europe.

    Ukraine withdrawing 'heavy weapons' from front line in keeping with ...
    London, Feb 27 : Ukraine has reportedly said that its army is beginning the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line in east Ukraine, in keeping with the Minsk truce deal.

    Russia pushes for setting up BRICS parliamentary forum
    New Delhi, Feb 27 : Pushed increasingly into a corner by western sanctions over Ukraine, Russia Friday stressed on the relevance of the Russia-India-China troika in "ensuring international and regional stability and security" and setting up a BRICS inter-parliamentary forum.

    Russia appreciates India's stand against sanctions
    New Delhi, Feb 27 : Amid Western threats to impose tougher sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow Friday appreciated India's stand and said both countries stood for "non-interference in the domestic affairs" of other nations.

    Ukraine starts heavy weapons withdrawal
    Kiev, Feb 26 : The Ukrainian defence ministry said Thursday that the country's military forces are starting the withdrawal of their heavy weapons from the frontlines in eastern regions, as agreed upon in the Minsk peace deal.

    Putin's office reportedly compiled roadmap to annex eastern Ukraine ...
    London, Feb 26 : Russian President Vladimir Putin has been reportedly planning how Moscow would annex parts of Ukraine and the President's office allegedly compiled a detailed roadmap for annexing the eastern part of the country 12 months before the offensive began in the area, show leaked ...

    Pro-Russian separatists withdraw heavy weapons from frontlines
    Donetsk (Ukraine), Feb 25 : Pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine announced Wednesday that the withdrawal of heavy weaponry from the frontlines of the conflict zone is underway.

    Kerry says Russia 'lied to my face and others' about its activities ...
    Johannesburg, Feb 25 : United States Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly hit out at Russia by saying that it has lied "to my face and the face of others on many different occasions" about its activities in Ukraine.

    Britain to provide 'military training' to Ukrainian soldiers
    London, Feb 25 : Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly announced his decision to send British troops to Ukraine in the next few weeks to provide advice and training.

    Russia lying about its activities in Ukraine: Kerry
    Washington, Feb 25 : US Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Russia of lying about not having troops in Ukraine and warned that the US would enforce new sanctions on Moscow in the upcoming days.

    Ban meets Ukrainian minister, discusses conflict
    New York, Feb 25 : The United Nations Secretary-General met on Monday in New York with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, to discuss the conflict in the east of that country.

    Implement Minsk accords on Ukraine: Normandy format leaders
    Paris, Feb 24 : The 'Normandy format' foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine Tuesday renewed calls to implement the Minsk accords and reinforce the Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) monitoring mission in Ukraine, to solve the Ukrainian crisis, French Foreign ...

    No lethal weapons to Ukraine at this stage: Britain
    London, Feb 24 : Britain is not supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine "at this stage", but will send its service personnel to advise the Ukrainians, British Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament Tuesday.

    Putin says war with Ukraine would be 'apocalyptic' but 'unlikely'
    London, Feb 24 : Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly gone on record to say that a war with neighbouring Ukraine would be "apocalyptic" but is "unlikely," a report said.

    Russian councilor claims Putin's Ukraine actions dictated by 'reptile ...
    London, Feb 24 : A Russian councilor has claimed that President Vladimir Putin is controlled by 'reptile aliens' who have also been advising him on the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

    Ukraine rebels claim heavy weapons pullout begun
    Kiev, Feb 24 : The pro-independence insurgents in eastern Ukraine Tuesday said they have begun a "full-scale" pullout of heavy weapons from the front line of their fight with government troops, Xinhua news agency reported.

    Putin says war with Ukraine 'unlikely'
    London, Feb 24 : Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly gone on record to say that a war with neighbouring Ukraine is "unlikely," a report said.

    Putin says war unlikely with Ukraine
    Moscow, Feb 24 : Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he does not believe a war with Ukraine is possible, describing such a conflict as "apocalyptic" in an interview broadcast Tuesday on the Russia 24 TV Channel.

    Toll in eastern Ukraine conflict nears 5,800: UN
    United Nations, Feb 24 : The toll in the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached at least 5,793 as of Feb 19 while 14,595 more people have been wounded, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said in its latest report.

    UN chief discusses key issues with Russian officials
    Kolkata, Feb 24 : Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met on Monday, with the Foreign Minister of Russia to discuss among other issues, the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, expressing his expectation that all concerned parties would live up to their commitments to the truce agreed in Minsk on 12 ...

    Ukrainians to withdraw heavy weapons after full ceasefire
    Kiev, Feb 23 : Ukraine will start withdrawing its heavy weapons from the security zone in eastern Ukraine as soon as the pro-Russian separatist militias fully respect the agreed ceasefire, the Ukrainian military command announced Monday.

    Two killed, nine injured in eastern Ukraine blast
    Kiev, Feb 23 : At least two people were killed and nine others injured in an explosion during a march in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov Sunday afternoon, local health department said.

    Ukraine's Prime Minister says no ceasefire exists, Putin on 'larger ...
    Washington, Feb 22 : Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has reportedly gone on record to say that his country is not on the verge of collapse and that a ceasefire agreed last week is non-existent as pro-Russia separatists continued to attack government troops in east Ukraine.

    New video shows rebels sifting through burning wreckage, passengers' ...
    Melbourne, Feb 22 : Investigators probing the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash have reportedly uncovered a new footage that showed rebels sifting through the burning wreck and passengers' luggage and bragging about what they thought was a Ukraine military aircraft.

    US mulling 'serious sanctions' against Russia post ceasefire ...
    London, Feb 22 : Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly warned that the United States is mulling "serious sanctions" against Russia after the recently-forged ceasefire deal failed to hold in east Ukraine.

    Ukraine conflict: Prisoner swap bolsters 'fragile ceasefire deal'
    London, Feb 22 : A week after a ceasefire agreement took effect, the Ukrainian government and pro-Russia separatists have reportedly swapped dozens of prisoners in east Ukraine.

    Agreement reached on weapons' withdrawal from east Ukraine
    Moscow, Feb 22 : The government and pro-independence rebels have agreed to start the process of withdrawal of heavy weapons from the troubled regions in east Ukraine, a rebel spokesperson said Sunday.

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