By Rincy Benoy IBNS | 2 years ago

"It was a moment when Kasab longed to be an Indian, a part of this soil. It was a moment he felt if India and Pakistan were one country . . . . if there was no partition . . . if there were no visa restrictions . . . if Pakistanis were seen not as terrorists in India . . . . if India and Pakistan united . . . if . . . . if . . ."

What is this Pakistani Kasab's connection with BTown biggies like Ram Singh and Aditya? What does he have to do with the strong anti-rape sentiment in India?

Journalist Salil Jose's novel 'Megastar Kasab - Hits and Misses: The Story of a Pakistani Actor in Bollywood' thrills you with the answers.

Gliding through the book I felt I was reading the abridged version of a long work. Not the kind you find as supplementary reader textbooks in schools, but an abridgement that surpasses the original in its grace and brisk pace.

There are some intelligent insights that Salil givesEuro" insights into the way the world works, its mindless ways, as Chanakyaneethi tells us.

His work has everything that best-seller romances are built of, partly because life is built of the same thingsEuro"may be in a slightly different proportion. You see love, passion, betrayal, abuse, altruism and much more.

Salil's Kasab is not the Kasab you and I know. He is an altruist and a dreamer who longs for a unified IndiaPak. He is one who can gracefully bear any disgrace and still be sympathetic to those who wrought that disgrace upon him. He is one who would stand against any odds to shout the truth as he sees it.

"You speak about peace with India. But do you think Pakistan can afford to be at peace with India?" another journalist asked.

"I would have asked the same question if I had not been to India.... My answer to your question isEuro"go to India and see for yourself," Kasab replied.

Salil seems to have done brute edits to the script. So brute that one wishes for some more details. There is a tweet-like crispiness to the language and the flow. Those unused to it might feel a little uneasy; as if someone used to crawling television serials is one fine day put before cracker-like Japanese superhero cartoons.

The novel published by Partridge India is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

Book title: Megastar Kasab: Hits and Misses: The Story of a Pakistani Actor in Bollywood

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Patridge India Publishing

Author: Salil Jose

(Posted on 18-10-2013)