New Delhi, April 3 IANS | 3 years ago

"The Croods", latest 3D adventure offering from Fox and DreamWorks, will hit Indian screens April 19. The movie follows the world's first modern family through the journey of a lifetime.

"The Croods" has characters voiced by the likes of Nicolas Cage (father 'Grug'), Emma Stone (daughter 'Eep') and Ryan Reynolds ('Guy').

It starts with the family's 'first' trip, after their home, a cave, is destroyed. The story then follows the discoveries of an incredible new world by the Croods with fantastic creatures, and a future beyond what they imagined.

The discoveries provide many 'firsts' in their life - first family trip, first fire and shoes, first pet, first joke, first cell (shell) phone, and even the first mid-life crisis.

Family is a core factor in the movie, just as it is in the Indian culture.

"The physical comedy was always there in the film's development. But we came to realise that once you strip away all the stuff in our modern lives - jobs, cars, responsibilities - you drill down to what really matters, and that's family and friends," Chris Sanders, writer-director of the movie, said in a statement.

(Posted on 04-04-2013)