New York, Jan 13 IANS | 2 years ago

School that have drug testing policies to deter teenagers from smoking or taking marijuana have just simply failed in the task.

In a study, researchers have found no effects of drug experimentation among high-school students in the US.

Of the 361 students interviewed, one third said their school had a drug testing policy.

Over the next year, those kids were no less likely than other students to try marijuana, cigarettes or alcohol.

"Even though drug testing sounds good, based on the science, it's not working," said Daniel Romer of the University of Pennsylvania.

At best, Romer added, the policies might convince kids to lay off the drug their school is testing for - which is most commonly marijuana.

Creating a positive school climate may work to deter students from taking drugs, said the research published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

During the initial interviews, students were asked about their school environment.

Over the next year, students in positive environments were about 20 percent less likely to try marijuana and 15 percent less likely to light up a cigarette.

"There are programmes that help schools create a more respectful environment," Romer added.

(Posted on 13-01-2014)