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Media raising non-issues: Mamata Banerjee

Posted on Nov 06, 06:01PM | IBNS

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has lashed out at the media again saying a section of it is raising 'non-issues' in an attempt to malign the state government.

On her Facebook page, Mamata posted: "For the last several months, it is becoming clear that one section of the so-called media has been raising non-issues, for their own vested interests, - the sole purpose for which is to malign the present government with disinformation, misinformation and concocted stories."

"It is being done in collusion with political parties like CP(I)M and Congress," she said.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo denied media reports that said her government had stopped the screening of Agnideb Chattopadhyay's Bengali film 'Teen Kanya' at state-run Star Theatre in north Kolkata last week on the grounds that it referred to the Park Street rape incident and also sent out an anti-state message.

"I will give you an example of how such concocted stories in which the government has no role to play, are being spread with ulterior motive. It has been reported that government has banned one particular film from public viewing. The government has never interfered in this issue was clearly indicated by the State Home Secretary," Mamata said.

She further said: "If the government is determined to ban the film, how is it possible that it is being shown at all these places? Obviously, the answer is that it is a well-designed campaign against the government to embarrass and humiliate it."

Mamata urged people to not to believe 'any such disinformation and misinformation campaign against the government, without knowing its full details'.

Pertinently, the West Bengal government and the police are under pressure with a number of rape cases being reported from across the state, the most infamous of them being the Park Street rape case.

The 37-year-old mother of two, belonging to the Anglo-Indian community, had said that she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint inside a moving car after she was given a lift in the vehicle from Park Street on the Feb 5-6 night.

However, Mamata had said that a billowing controversy over the rape and alleged police insensitivity to the incident was a conspiracy fabricated to malign her government.