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Regular diabetes check-up needed for healthy life: survey

Posted on Nov 03, 05:57PM | UNI

A regular check-up by diabetic patients can help them lead a healthy life, the findings of a survey revealed today.

According to a survey called 'Perceptions, in families, of People Living with Diabetes- India POLD', where 900 people from Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, participated two per cent of Mumbaikars who have a diabetic member at home get their blood sugar levels more than once in a month, 4.3 per cent get tested once a month, 2.7 per cent get it tested once in two months, 9.3 per cent once in six months and 81.7 per cent never get their blood sugar levels tested as against Delhi (one per cent, 1.7 per cent, 5.7 per cent and 88.7 per cent, respectively) and Bengaluru (1.7 per cent, 3.3 per cent, two per cent, seven per cent and 86 per cent, respectively).

Also, 9.7 per cent of the respondents from Mumbai use some device for monitoring blood sugar level at home in comparison to Delhi (6.3 per cent) and Bengaluru (six per cent). There were 300 respondents from Mumbai.

Though these numbers give Mumbai a slight edge over Bengaluru and Delhi, according to Dr Manoj Chadha, senior diabetologist, Hinduja Hospital, Mahim Mumbaikars did not feel happy as these statistics reflect lack of need to lead a healthy life and the casual attitude towards keeping a check on diabetes and controlling it.

'For an individual, if one parent is diabetic there are 40 per cent chances that he or she would get diabetic and if one parent is diabetic and the other parent has a family history of diabetes then the chances rise up to 70 per cent. But the chances of getting diabetes go up to 90 per cent if both parents are diabetic,' the findings suggest.

The survey also revealed that people subscribe to prevalent myths about diabetes awareness and prevention including screening, cause of disease, its course and complications among others.

"Such initiatives are important not only in terms of analysing people's mind-set for diabetes, but also for charting out the magnitude of the effort we require to put in as stakeholders. The survey will certainly be a great help while aligning future strategies around diabetes awareness and education," Dr Preetaish Kaul, principal consultant, HEAL Foundation said.

The survey, which is a part of the on-going activities by Sanofi Diabetes Blue Fortnight, was conducted by HEAL Foundation.

Sanofi Diabetes Blue Fortnight will be observed from November 1 to 14.