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Women can flirt their way to success

Posted on Oct 11, 10:39PM | IANS

It seems a little flirting can help businesswomen get ahead.

Women should be "playful" rather than "serious" when negotiating, says a team of researchers from the Haas School of Business at the University of California and the London School of Economics.

Being friendly makes them seem warm and approachable, while striking a bargain means they continue to be seen as successful, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The researchers say that the approach works when a women flirts with a man, but not the other way round. Flirting is not about sexual advances but "social charm", to show off personal strengths.

The study split 100 men and women into pairs and asked them to rate each other's skills and manners in various tasks, the newspaper said.

Women who were the most effective negotiators were rated highly for social charm by men - but men rated highly by women were not seen as similarly effective.