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Best Seller Book Reviews: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Posted on Sep 14, 11:47PM | TINN

The Walter Isaacson biography of SteveJobs released almost immediately after the death of innovator, Steve Jobs. Thestory that the biography narrates is multi-faceted.

Steve Jobs, in the book, isa person who is almost bipolar in his dealing with himself- he is a hero oneminute and the next minute he is nothing. The reader who reads the book willalso keep rocking between these two views of Jobs.

A biography of a person should always bepublished after some amount of consideration following the period of theirdeath. However, Isaacson's book on Steve Jobs kept Jobs alive in public memoryand also retained him as a public figure who always popped up in conversations.

People reading thebook should be prepared to see the more negative side of Jobs, for this bookcertainly portrays that too. All in all, it is an entertaining read that givesquite a bit of an insider's scoop on Jobs' life.