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Best Seller Book Reviews: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Posted on Sep 14, 11:41PM | TINN

The 2008 release TheHunger Games by American author Suzanne Collins is a"young adultnovel". This novel is written in the style of the first person narrative. The16 year old protagonist Katniss Everdeen is depicted to live in Panem whichbefore an apocalypse used to be the United States. Ms. Collins finely builds abelievable world in this fiction.

In an annual event calledThe Hunger Games a boy and a girl from each nation are selected through alottery. They are chosen to contest in a televised combat to death.

The book has been highlypraised by the critics and other authors, one of whom is the celebrated StephenKing. The Hunger Games deals with themes like poverty, oppression, starvationand the major issue- the effects of war.

Apart from the usualsubstance meant for the teens, the book is captivating and creates a constantair of suspense.