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The Wall celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted on Feb 06, 01:30PM | IBNS

By Barshali Banerjee, Kolkata, Feb 6 : Kolkata's fine dining restaurant 'The Wall' is celebrating the Chinese New Year beginning on Feb 10 cooking up some of the Chinese delicacies.

'The Wall' in south Kolkata on Tuesday displayed what they will serve to welcome the auspicious Year of The Snake.

As it is believed that feast does bring down Gods from the heaven, the eatery is presenting some 15 sumptuous and authentic Chinese dishes to pamper the foodies with the taste of 'Real Chinese Foods'.

Sushanta Sengpta, the chef behind the irresistible Chinese food, told to IBNS at the preview on Tuesday, "The food which we consider as the authentic will simply take back you to China. Because the ingredients that have been used making these preparations are originally XO sauce, red beans paste, fried choy sum etc"

"If one has ever been to China, he/she can easily get the resemblance in tastes of the original Chinese cuisine over here and the authenticity from China," Sengupta said.

According to the Chef, in China Soup appetizers, main course or dessert, in every item has pork, or duck is used but since in India people avoid having these two, we have incorporated Bhetki, Pompfret, Mackerel fish, chicken, prawns, crabs or dried shrimps flavoured with rice wine, choy sum paste, sago noodles, to give the real Chiniese touch.

For the grand celebration of the Chinese New Year cuisines like Spring onion pancake, Steamed Pomfret XO- sauce, Five Willow Mackerel, Chu Hao Chicken, Ants Climbing on the Tree, Stir Fried Choy Sum with Crab Meat and Chef's special and favourite Roast Chicken with Pineapple are in store for the foodies of Kolkata at The Wall.

These sumptuous food will available from Feb 9 to Feb 24 to have fun on the occasion of Chinese New Year and of course the coming Valentine's day.

The Wall said it can cost around Rs 1800 for two with wines.