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Haryana achieves highest ever productivity of Kharif foodgrains

Posted on Jan 31, 12:02PM | UNI

Chandigarh , Jan 30 : Haryana has achieved the highest ever productivity of Kharif foodgrains in 2012-13 and has also recorded the highest ever rice production of 39.76 lakh metric tonnes (MT), since the inception of the State in 1966.

This has been achieved despite the State receiving about 36.8 per cent less rainfall as against the normal rainfall from May to September, 2012.

Stating this here today, a spokesman of Haryana Agriculture Department said in case of Coarse Rice, 23.54 lakh metric tonnes of production with a productivity of 40.03 qtls per hectare in an area of 5.88 lakh hectares has been achieved. This has remained highest both in production and productivity since 1966-67.

Similarly,the production of Basmati Rice was also achieved at 16.22 lakh MT with a productivity of 25.87 qtls. per hectare in an area of 6.27 lakh hectares which was also the highest since 1966-67.

He said as statistics of area, average yield and production of all Kharif crops 2012-13 has been received, the State has made some other achievements in the agriculture sector. The productivity of Kharif foodgrains 2012-13 is 2819 kg per hectare, which is the highest so far. He said the State also achieved productivity of Cotton at 681 kgs per hectare (Lint) and the total production of Cotton was 23.84 lakh bales. Similarly, the productivity of Bjara was 1925 kgs per hectare and that of maize 2556 kgs per hectare. Also, the productivity of Sugarcane during 2011-2012 was 73253 kgs per hectare which was highest since 1966-67.

He said all these achievements could only be made possible as the State Government supplied 254 lakh units of more electricity per day to farm sector from May to September, Kharif 2012-13 as against 2011-12.

He said as the Irrigation Department also fully supported, the farmers did not face any difficulty. In addition to this, the Department of Agriculture prepared a Contingent Plan in consultation with Ch Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar which was crop and area specific. This Contingent Plan was circulated to all the Deputy Directors of Agriculture Department and it was implemented for the benefit of farmers. In addition to it, special advisories were also sent to farmers. These were used by the farmers to increase the productivity of their crops. Special care was taken so that any kind of shortcoming might not be faced. There was also less infestation of insect and pests and diseases.

He said Department of Agriculture is making all sincere efforts to achieve the targeted production of Rabi crop in 2012-13.