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Congress vows to fight divisive forces

Posted on Jan 20, 09:18PM | IBNS

At the third and final day of the All India Congress Committee or AICC's Chintan Shivir (brainstorming conclave), the party has declared that all secular and progressive forces shall unite in ideological battle against those who polarise and divide society as it sets the agenda for the 2014 general elections.

The Congress party is adopting a wide range of measures called 'Jaipur Declaration' keeping an eye on the 2014 polls.

According to the 56-page declaration that came up on Sunday and would be adopted by the party, Congress has also acknowledged the potential of the rising educated and aspirational middle class, especially in urban areas and has ensured to continue to create new opportunities for them.

The party will make sure that they urge the people on the basis of performance of UPA government, the promise of stability along with good governance and restatement of its core values.

The party in their declaration noted nepotism in the organisation's structure as the cause of concern.

The leaders, who recommend a candidate, must ensure to take responsibility in case of failure, it said.

Focusing on the recent Indo-Pak border skirmishes and beheading and killing of jawans, the declaration laid emphasis on dialogue with Pakistan, only when it is based on accepted principles of civilised behaviour.

When these principles are violated, India should not hesitate to take credible action, said the declaration.

The declaration has also defined the number of terms for presidents of Pradesh Congress Committees and District Congress Committees to be restricted to two and the tenure will not extend more than three years.

AICC also announced the launch of the mass contact programmes at different levels to gather feedback on people's aspirations and priorities.

In an attempt to balance between loyalty and winnablity, the declaration states that winnability alone, will not be the benchmark for deciding nominees.

Finally, the declaration promises to create ten million jobs every year.