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Uttar Pradesh state employees return to work after 8-day strike overReservation Bill

Posted on Dec 22, 11:41AM | UNI

Around 1.8 million Uttar Pradesh state employees opposing the Reservation in Promotion Bill, today returned to work after calling off their indefinite strike following end of the Parliament session yesterday.

The eight-day agitation had paralysed the functioning of all government departments in the state.

The employees, during the protest, attacked the offices of Congress, BSP and BJP and even pelted rotten eggs and vegetables at the BJP office just in front of the Vidhan Sabha.

Almost all roads in the state capital, which were blocked by the demonstrators since past one week, were functioning normally today without any blockade.

Shailendra Dubey, President of the anti-reservation organisation Sarvajan Hitaye Sankrashan Samiti, said in a statement here today that the strike has been called-off as Parliament did not pass the Bill.

"A meeting of the state employees and representatives from all districts have been called in the state capital on December 23 to decide the future course of action," he said.

Mr Dubey thanked SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav and all MPs of the party for stalling the Reservation in Promotion Bill in the Lok Sabha and demanded that Congress and BJP members from UP who had voted in favour of the Bill in the Rajya Sabha, resign immediately.

"The Lok Sabha members from UP should not support the Bill in the future," he added.