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Alicia Keys has found a fan in son

Posted on Dec 09, 09:36AM | IANS

Alicia Keys' son's favourite lullaby is her song "Not Even the King".

Egypt, Alicia's son with hip-hop producer husband Swizz Beatz, loves when his mother sings to him and always requests one of the tracks she wrote for him from her new album, "Girl on Fire".

"His favourite lullaby is my song 'Not Even the King. The first line is about money and he goes 'Money, Money'. It's really cute," poople.com quoted the 31-year-old as saying.

Alicia has previously told how her son is already showing musical promise, and is starting to learn instruments despite being only two years old.

"He plays (piano). Egypt has a stark sense of rhythm. He also plays the drums already. He likes that most. The kid's making noise all day long," she said.