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Anand Sharma's remark on N K Singh sparks protests in RS

Posted on Dec 07, 03:22PM | UNI

Commerce Minister Anand Sharma's remark that a committee chaired by former Planning Commission member N K Singh, during the NDA rule at the Centre, had said the FDI in retail would benefit consumers as well as farmers caused a furore in the Rajya Sabha today.

BJP members and Mr Singh, JD-U, charged the Minister with misleading the House.

The furore by the Opposition forced an adjournment of the House till 1430 hours.

During his reply to the debate on the Motion against FDI, Mr Sharma said that a committee under the chairmanship of Mr N K SIngh was formed during the NDA rule at the Centre.

''A committee, chaired by Mr N K Singh, was formed during the NDA rule to consider FDI in retail. The Committee, in its report said that the FDI would reduce the difference between the price given to the farmer for his produce and that charged from the consumer. It would thus benefit both the farmer and the consumer,''Mr Sharma said while quoting from the report which he said he would table in the House.

However, the statement by the Minister led to a uproar among BJP members who charged him with misleading the House.

Noisy scenes ensued with the BJP members standing up in protest.

Deputy Chairman P J Kurien disallowed Mr Singh to speak saying that he could not allow him to do so while the Minister was giving his reply.

''If the Minister has misled the House, there are rules to deal with it . However, any statement can be made only after the Minister has given his reply and not in between,'' Dr Kurien said.

Despite this, the uproar by BJP members persisted, forcing Dr Kurien to adjourn the House till 1430 hours.