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Consumer forum slaps Rs 25,000 fine on Sapt Rishi Ayurveda Institute

Posted on Dec 01, 10:06AM | UNI

District Consumer Forum Solan today slapped a fine of Rs 25,000 on Sapt Rishi Auyrveda Institute after finding it guilty of immoral trade practice on the basis of a complaint for selling defective 'Sandhi Sudha' message oil product being advertised through sensational TV shows featuring prominent Bollywood stars.

Distict Consumer Protection Forum (DCPF) Solan, President cum District Judge D S Khainal passed this order yesterday , directing the erring firm M/s Spat Rishi Auyrveda Pharmaceutical to compensate Rs 25000 and reimburse the complaint after paying Rs 3100 as entire cost of Sandhi Sudha and Rs 3000 as case cost.

Complainant Ms Raj Thakur, resident of Power House Road Saproon, at the outskirts of Solan who was suffering from back and joint pain, placed the order for the massage oil after watching TV advertisement in December 2011.

The advertisement made tall claims that Sandhi Sudha would give relief from the symptoms of joints pains within fifteen days of its use. The advertisement also promised that they would return back the entire cost of product if pain was not cured, complaint alleged.

Impressed by the advertisement, Ms Thakur immediately placed the order on telly shopping after paying Rs 3100 including Rs 2950 as the cost of product and Rs 150 as postal charge. However, the pain was not cured.

Agitated complainant registered telephonic and written queries with M/s Sapt Rishi Auyrveda Institute, Mardana road, Indore, but the errant firm neither responded to the query nor returned the entire cost of product. This led Ms Thakur to knock the door of Consumer forum.

After hearing both the parties, DCPF decided the matter in favour of Ms Thakur passing order against Pharma manfuctures of Sandhi Sudha for indulging in the immoral trade practice holding that it made money after selling defective products to the complainant.

The forum held that the services rendered by the Sandhi Sudha are not upto the mark finding the latter guility of making false claims thereby deceiving the complainant through advertisments.

Keeping the above observation in mind, its president was ordered to give a fine of Rs 25000 as compensation to complainant for causing her harassment and also asked to remit Rs 3100 the entire cost of the product and Rs 3000 as case cost within next 30 days of passing this order.

Sandhi Sudha advertisments are being telecast on a number of television channels currently in which Bollywood stars like Jackie Shroff and Govinda in a senstational way claim relief by the product.