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First hydro project in Odisha to be revived aftert 100 years

Posted on Nov 22, 09:00PM | UNI

The first hydro electricity project of Odisha and the second one in the country after Darjeeling will be revived soon.

The then king of Bamanda state and presently Deogarh district Sachidananda Tribhuban Deb had established the first hydel project on Koradkot waterfall in 1912 which then supplied electricity to the town as well as the palace.

The king had a great love for science and this particular project speaks volumes of his popularity as well as interest for developed technology.

Using the water from the water fall of Koradkot,electricity generation of 15 KV capacity was made possible at Deogarh.But later the project was closed due to lack of maintenance.

However, 100 years after the commencement of the project,the Odisha hydro electricity corporation (OHPC) and WAPCOS, a recognised organisation in water, power and infrastructure development for total project solution in India and abroad were now planning to revive the project with the latest technology available and using the water from the fall.

The renovated project will be operational by the end of 2013 with added capacity,OHPC Managing Director Sahadev Khatua said.

Since hydro electricity projects are environment friendly and pollution free, the project will be a popular one in the state, WAPCOS Additioinal Chief Engineer R D Rao said.