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Most people watch porn in office, says German expert

Posted on Nov 21, 09:41AM | IANS

No matter how much risk it may involve, a lot of people watch pornography in offices, suggests a German expert who has claimed millions of people are surreptitiously viewing porn at the workplace.

According to German sex therapist Christoph Ahlers, around 60 million people log on to the world's largest free porn website everyday -- and two-thirds of those are doing so from their desks, Daily Mail reported.

Berlin-based Ahlers made the claim at a conference in Salzburg, Austria, on medicine and therapies for the treatment of sexual behavioural issues.

"Modern viewing of porn is no longer something in which strange individuals are engaged in in quiet rooms in video booths," he said.

"Sixty million views, of which two-thirds are people sitting at their computer at work, is a powerful indicator of what is happening."

Ahlers said watching porn was now a "worldwide phenomenon".