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Nagaland MP asks Dobhashis to uphold impartial judgment

Posted on Nov 14, 04:34PM | UNI

The lone Rajya Sabha Member of Nagaland Khekiho Zhimomi has called upon the Dobhashis (DBs) to ensure right, wise and impartial judgment in the DBs Courts so that the traditional practice of the Naga people is upheld.

Addressing the gathering of men in red and black waist coat during the 18th General Conference of Nagaland DBs Association (NDBA) here at Local Ground yesterday, Mr Khekiho said ensuring a right, wise and impartial judgment in the DBs Courts would not only uphold the Naga traditional practice of delivering justice but also automatically earn recognition and respect for the DBs.

'There will be no recognition without performance, and also no respect without recognition,' he said while on the other hand he also felt that the state government must also keep limited DBs and also look after their welfare.

Expressing that the fate of Nagas be it political, social or development fronts, depends on the DBs, he said the DBs should work out a system as to how to go about it and shoulder the responsibility while also maintaining that the DBs must stand up together and speak out the truth.