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CPC hails reform as way to stronger China

Posted on Nov 14, 10:50AM | IANS

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has hailed reforms and opening up of the economy as the path to a stronger China and the salient feature of a new period in the country.

The inclusion of this statement in the party constitution will help the whole party acquire a deeper understanding of the importance of continuing to carry out reform and opening up and thus pursue this endeavour even more consciously and with greater determination, reported Xinhua, citing the resolution approved by the 18th CPC National Congress that concluded Wednesday.

It is by carrying out reform and opening up that China has achieved rapid development in the past 30 plus years, and it is reform and opening up that will ensure its future development, states the resolution.

"Only reform and opening up can enable China, socialism and Marxism to develop themselves," it says.