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Diwali celebrated in Maharashtra with tradiional enthusiasm

Posted on Nov 13, 03:34PM | UNI

Diwali, the festival of lights, was ushered in the state, including the bustling Metrpolis, with traditional enthusiasm and religious fervour.

The crowded markets, people dressed-up in their best and a festive air prevailed in the city.

The much-awaited festival saw people thronging the well-known temples early morning to offer prayers for health, wealth and prosperity.

In lakh of households in the Metropolis, people lighted ghee and mustard oil divas, dressed up idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha and then did the Aarti.

For the Gujarati community, celebrations double up during Diwali. Apart from the usual Diwali celebrations, the community also geared up to celebrate the Gujarati New Year, tomorrow. It is a big occasion for the community when families visit their relatives to wish them happy New Year.

Lakshmi puja will be performed in shops and homes this evening and festivities will continue till the next two days, the new year and Bhai Dooj.

The elders gave the younger members of the family a lot of cash. Also, for many families it is a perfect time for an annual family get-together. The mornings are spent visiting various relatives and in the evenings, the entire extended family often goes out to celebrate in some restaurant or watch a movie.