Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Maviya Ali's 'we are Muslim first' assertion is 'ridiculous': BJP

New Delhi , Aug 15 : Calling Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Maviya Ali's claim that religious identity comes before national identity as the most ridiculous statement, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday said that these are the reasons that people of this country are rejecting such decadent forces that do not have commitment to the nation.

"It is the most ridiculous statement we have heard from an Indian citizen. These are the reasons that people of this country are rejecting such decadent forces who do not have commitment to the nation. We are a party of nation first. We believe that first comes the nation then comes the party and then is the self. And that is why people have trust in the BJP that BJP is the only party that will work in nationalist line and will take India to new glories," BJP leader Sudesh Verma told ANI.

Ali's remark comes at a time when the Uttar Pradesh government has instructed the madrassas to hoist the national flag, sing the national anthem and pay tributes to freedom fighters on the occasion of Independence Day.

"Pehle musalman hain phir Hindustani, duniya mein kahin bhi musalman ho pehle musalman hai phir kisi desh ka naagrik (We are first Muslims then Indians. Everywhere in the world, a Muslim is first a Muslim and then the citizen of the nation)," Ali told ANI.

As per the circular issued by U.P. government, madrassas are expected to hoist national flag, recite the National Anthem and pay their tribute to our freedom fighters and martyrs.

Furthermore, the madrassas are expected to highlight the importance of Independence Day, by narrating stories and be told about the history of August 15.

A major controversy erupted a few days ago as some clerics oppose the circular saying that the madrassas actively celebrate the Independence Day and won't undergo Patriot test for the government's sake.

(ANI | 3 years ago)